The Teabagger Caucus' Dear LeaderMichele Bachmann was on Newsmax.TV (hah!) and was asked about Tom Tancredo's suggestion that President Obama should be impeached for not securing the border. So obviously she shrieked, "Yea! Yea! He hath betrayed us! Throwen he in ye dungeon!" EXCEPT SHE DIDN'T. "Whether or not this is an impeachable offense is one that the Congress would have to make a determination on." Oh, stop leading us on, Michele! You know it's an impeachable offense!

Is Bachmann getting soft on us? Sure, she was beaten to the punch on this impeachment thing by Tancredo, for which she is probably kicking herself. IT IS SO SIMPLE! IMPEACHMENT! The crazy idea was sitting right in front of her!

But the mark of a good leader is to take the good ideas around you and make them yours. This is what she is doing. She will take this idea and mature it. Let it grow a little. Draw out the impeachment process until it sprouts vines in every direction. Only then, when we are really sick of this dumb idea, and it's a good time to fundraise, will Bachmann get the impeachment process going.

This is the difference between Bachmann and Tancredo. And that difference is why Tancredo was not elected president, but Bachmann will be. [TPM]


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