Michele Bachmann Has So Much Campaign Money, It's Crazy

  • Dingbat demagogue talk-radio sideshow freak Michele Bachmann is America's funniest congresslady, but some people in her suburban Minnesota district don't love her enough. That's why the Republican party and its Alaskan anger muppet Sarah Palin have helped Bachmann raise more than $4 million for her re-election campaign and $1.7 million just in the second quarter of this year. That's patriotism. What is not patriotism is Bachmann's challenger, state senator Tarryl Clark, getting help from a "progressive women's group" that always leaves comments with the caps lock on called EMILY's list. Do these so-called "women" understand that being a woman means having/fostering up to 60 babies annually while screeching constantly about the president being a Muslim communist who shredded her Constitution with his scissorhands? Tarryl Clark raised $910,000 in the same quarter, which is okay, we guess, but that's not going to pay for all of our nation's kids to go to FEMA re-education camp. ALSO: Bachmann won last night's "floor vote" at the Weeping Eagle Awards, and now she's America's Worst Congress Creature in History, and the actual weeping eagle trophy/magnet is on Tucker Carlson's fridge at the Daily Caller. [St. Cloud Times/Star-Tribune]

  • Disgusting squeaky-voiced whore-pooper David Vitter took off his Depends for long enough to finally comment on his drunken girlfriend-stabbing chief aide finally getting fired once the liberal media reported on this Senate aide's psychotic violence. Vitter said this was "old news" and therefore didn't matter -- and it is old news now, as Vitter avoided mentioning it for weeks. [ABC News]
  • Massachusetts liberal lovers John Kerry and Mitt Romney are having a nuclear spat in the pages of local wingnut blog the Washington Post. [TIME]

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