Michele Bachmann-Inspired Band Gets Undeserved Press, Not Unlike Michele Bachmann Herself


In these tough economic times, white people are really struggling to find preexisting jobs that don't include touching dirt or doing actual work (that is for Mexicans) and because of this, "entrepreneurship" is the cool name for trying to make a buck off a mostly lousy idea. We are guessing this is the background story, in its entirety, for the newest thing to hit desperate wannabes "rocking out" in DC's worst intern bars.

Michele Bachmann Overdrive is a four-man rock outfit based in Great Falls, Va., that features Mike Sager, Mike Boggs, Gabriel Fry and Luke Peterson. Despite the name, the guys are quick to note that they’re definitely not a tribute band.

“Michele Bachmann Overdrive is a concept, and the concept is to have a band that captures the spirit of Michele Bachmann by being somewhat ill-prepared, not really up to the challenge ahead of it but going full speed ahead,” Mike Sager said.

The band’s motto? Its website reads: “Bringing absurd Rock and/or Roll Covers to Your Political Events, Leftist Rallies, Union Organizing Drives, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Children’s Parties, Tea Party Torch’n’Pitchfork Terror Picnics (TP^3), Bipartisan Live-Action Role-Playing Fantasy Conventions, and Funerals.”

So far, the band hasn’t been too busy. Its only gig was in December, but with Bachmann’s higher profile, they’re hoping that business might start picking up.

Come to think of it, the 2012 election would probably be more interesting in a "battle of the bands" format, especially if it included things like "The Rick Perry Experience" and "Newt Gingrich and the Invisible Twitter Following." Of course it would all be ruined in the end because Barack Obama would obviously insist on doing a rap battle, because of his color. [Politico]


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