Michele Bachmann Knows Secret U.S. Surrender Plan For Iraq

Our nation's loopiest congresslady has revealed Top Secret government intelligence plans to give half of Iraq to Iran. The new half-country will be a special terrorist safe haven, says Rep. Michele Bachmann, and it's going to be called "the Iraq State of Islam, something like that."

Yet Bachmann coyly refused to identify the "they" who made this clandestine deal, just that "they've already decided."

Bachmann exposed the nation's greatest secret on a podcast with Minnesota reporter Lawrence Schumacher, which you can download and enjoy -- if you like to hear crazy people on your iPod. We're pretty sure Cheney and Libby will have her suicided; first she sexually assaults the president, and now she's announcing Washington's most crucial secret information to journalists?

Bachmann on Iran: "There's already an agreement made. [Iran is] going to get half of Iraq and that is going to be a terrorist safe haven zone." [Star-Tribune]


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