Michele Bachmann Must Now Pray To Sewage Monster For Relevance


San Diego was apparently not the only place the Sewage Monster struck last night. It's true, it's on the Internet! That is our conclusion from watching two seconds of this Michele Bachmann "rebuttal" speech, a gospel of toxic ooze delivered in the dank purgatory of Washington last night, to tell Barack Obama he is an equally filthy wastrel. We almost did not notice, because that is not "our kind of porn." 

This criminally boring rebuttal speech was her desperate attempt at a "comeback" to prove her relevance, sayeth the New York Times:

Her Thursday night news conference, in a House interview room, was an effort to reignite the buzz and regain momentum that her campaign has lost in recent weeks. But no television network carried it live, and Mrs. Bachmann took only a handful of questions.

The situation for Michele Bachmann is looking a little grim: her poll numbers have caught the pig AIDS, her campaign iscrumbling, she gave what can only be kindly described as a catatonic performance in the last GOP debate, and the Devil has already signed with Rick Perry's team. Pray to the Sewage Monster, Michele, he is still a free agent. [NYTimesYouTube]


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