Michele Bachmann Offers to Crash Economy to Lower Gas Prices


Hollering pill junkie loser welfare brat Michele Bachmannpromises everybody that if she is elected President, the price of gas will come down to $2. "That will happen," she says, and nothing else. Ominous! Since Michele won't specify how this will happen, we will reason through her promise: Bachmann yodels on and on in her speech that gas was $1.79 when Obama took office, which stupid, annoying experts note was the result of the economic crash forcing businesses and humans to stop shipping things or traveling anywhere. And since new domestic drilling can only produce minimal quantities compared to demand that OPEC would offset anyway by reducing output and thus have minimal to zero impact on gas prices, the only way to reduce prices again would be to just destroy the economy anew. But at least we will still have Jesus and a bargain $2 way for Americans to off themselves running the car motor in the closed garage, right Michele?

From CNNMoney:

“You have to be careful what you wish for because the recipe for cheap prices these days is economic disaster,“ [chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service Tom Kloza] said.

Since early 2009, the economy has recovered somewhat and demand for crude has risen. It has even spiked in the developing world -- especially in China, India and South America.

Kloza said that increased crude demand is the principal driver behind higher gas prices.

“We're going to have to recognize the rest of the world has this increasing appetite for oil,“ he said. “If we go below $2 a gallon, it probably means there has been a lot of wealth loss and we are in a deflationary period.“

Whatever works, guys. [CNNMoney]


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