Michele Bachmann Sends Creepy Spam Promising To 'Fleece' Supporters

Michele Bachmann Sends Creepy Spam Promising To 'Fleece' Supporters

Alright you weirdos (we say it with love), here by popular demand of the zillion or so tipsters who were revolted enough by Michele Bachmann's latest apparently irony-free email spam offer to "fleece" her supporters in exchange for money -- funny how that works! -- that you all forwarded it to us knowing we would be forced to create this terrifying Halloween blingee. 'Tis the season! According to the email, Michele's undead campaign wants "$75 or more" for this "exclusive" common Middle American autumn uniform normally available for $3.99 in the sale bin at TJMaxx, which, as the business-folk would say, is a pretty solid margin. Are supporters buying it?

No, even teabaggers are now growing tired of her depth-less grifting. The national Tea Party group American Majority (which CNN notes must be important somehow because they have 371,000 "likes" on Facebook, great investigative work there) is calling on Bachmann to quit acting like a ridiculous ass and drop out of the race.

The group explained its reasons why it's grown incensed with Bachmann.

"I think it's pretty obvious that Michele Bachmann is about Michele Bachmann," American Majority Executive Director Matt Robbins said.

They've finally clued in! Halloween miracles do happen, after all. [Michele Bachmann's Annoying Spam List/ CNN]


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