Michele Bachmann Stealing Ideas From Her New Friend, Rand Paul

Minnesota marvel Michele Bachmann has filed papers to form the "House Tea Party Caucus" to promote "the timeless principles of our founding,"reports MinnPost.com. Hey, Rand Paul was just talking about forming a Tea Party Caucus in the Senate, if he gets elected! Looks like Bachmann has derived a little inspiration from the most visionary-est vision doctor in Kentuckyland. But wasn't she ashamed of him just a few weeks ago?

After Paul's medieval views on segregation and other issues started making him unpopular with people who enforce the "no hooded white robes after Labor Day" rule year-round, Bachmann vowed never to speak of him -- telling reporters that she just wanted to "focus" on her race. But Paul's been spending his summer getting "reeducated" at a Tea Party indoctrination camp and is now leading in some of the polls, so Bachmann is applauding him on the Twitter like nothing ever happened. What a fair-weather friend!

Bachmann says her new raucous new caucus will promote "fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government." Who do you think will join? Make guesses in the comments. Anyone who correctly names all future members wins a free box of patriotic diet cookies. [MinnPost.com]


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