Michele Bachmann's E-Mail Strategy Really Works!

Beloved Minnesota congresslady and foster-baby farmer Michele Bachmann is for the right things (Jesus, sexually assaulting George W. Bush) and AGAINST the wrong things, such as The Devil and the Soviet Union. This is why we love her. Plus, her staff demanded that all of us Bachmann fans write letters to the newspapers about how she is so awesome.

We have found the first fruit of this important letter-writing campaign, and you can read it after the jump.

Letter: Employee Free Choice Act takes choice out of union

"Men fight for freedom, then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves." This famous quote, author unknown, reflects exactly what our Democratic controlled U.S. House did to every union member in the country this past week.

The House passed HR 800, also known as the Employee Free Choice Act, which is a hyperbole. This legislation would rewrite the rules for union organizing by eliminating secret-ballot elections and forcing workers to make that private choice in a public way.

This Soviet style of "democracy" would pave the way for coercion and intimidation within unions.

In other words, if you have a member of your family or a friend that belongs to a union or is becoming unionized, be afraid for them, especially if they do not agree with their union bosses, because under this bill the days of ... union thugs have returned to sway that precious union vote.

The Democratic-controlled House has set the American worker back decades in regard to freedom of choice and the ability to make that choice privately. Evidently, democracy is still a radical idea and is hard for some to accept.

Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed at this blatant attack on freedom. For these reasons, I am pleased that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has the common sense to vote against this legislation.

Brad Kustermann

St. Cloud

We have no idea what this person is talking about, but he is clearly AGAINST the Soviet Union and FOR Michele Bachmann, so he gets to meet Jesus in Heaven.

Also, we have received a RUMOR with no background information: Michele's chief of staff quit, and a former Katherine Harris CoS is interviewing for the job. Please send us some more info on this so we can milk a whole post out of it.

Letter: Employee Free Choice Act takes choice out of union [St. Cloud Times]

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