Michele Bachmann's Underlings Express Love By Fleeing

Fly away, little birds!How much does fluorescent light advocate and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's staff love her? So much that they are constantly quitting! New information reveals that Rep. Bachmann has lost two chiefs of staff, a district director, a press secretary, two legislative assistants, a staff assistant, a caseworker, an outreach and grants coordinator and a district scheduler since she hired them early last year. Is her insanity driving them away, or is it her penchant for playing footsie with her colleagues?

Neither! Bachmann's current spokesperson says that 10 out of 14 staffers have quit due to the "same old Washington shuffle" that forces underpaid drudges to endure insults and abuse from their egomaniacal superiors for a minimum period before absconding to cushy K Street sinecures.

The Hill helpfully points out that Shelley Sekula Gibbs, another crazed congresswoman beloved to Wonkette, also saw most of her staff depart shortly after she got the job in 2006.

Rep. Bachmann's office has high turnover rate [The Hill]


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