Michelle Malkin Decries Scourge of Librul Comediennes Saying She Has Testes


Where's the vagina certificate, Michelle?Remember Michelle Malkin? Apparently Aisha Tyler does, because she mentioned on a radio show that she would like to kick Malkin "right in the nuts if I met her." Michelle Malkin has seen this, has gasped and hyperventilated in horror, and does not like these funny librul ladies mocking her "sexuality," which is apparently what you're doing when you say a woman has testicles. "Left-wing female comedians are proving that they can be as crude and stupid as their male counterparts," Malkin said. We must rid the world of people who joke about balls!

Who knew that striving for gender equality meant pursuing the dream that one day, someday, liberal women would be able to mock their conservative counterparts' sexuality with the unfettered vulgarity of Andrew Dice Clay?

Recently, Kathy Griffin attacked GOP Sen. Scott Brown’s daughters as "prostitutes" on her Bravo "comedy" show.

Now, via Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer, supposed funnywomen Stephanie Miller and Aisha Tyler make genital jokes ...

WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?! You can not make fun of Michelle Malkin's genitals without even mentioning her penis. What a faux pas!

Just kidding, Michelle! We know you probably don't have any genitals, as God intended, because genitals are GROSS.

I hope you are proud, feminists.

Nice try with your whole movement thing, but a single random comment about Michelle Malkin's balls have ruined everything for you. Sorry! [Michelle Malkin]


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