Michelle Malkin Looks Forward to Grim Sexless Old Age

Hey, everybody get some towels! Michelle Malkin's about to get sick again. "Adultery. Alcoholism. Prostitutes. Group sex. Blecchh." We already knew about Malkin's aversion to sexy young women, but it turns out it's the G-MILFs who really make her hurl. "Jane Fonda is a 67-year-old woman prattling on, Howard Stern-style, about threesomes, for heaven's sake..." Good thing Malkin pukes strawberry milkshakes; otherwise, she'd be kind of disgusting to live with. Kind of like an angry old cat with hairballs, and opinions. But no threesomes. What a drag that would be!

Hanoi Jane Rides Again! [Townhall.com]


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