Michelle Malkin Sees Through Eric Holder's Partisan Scheme To Harm Republicans By Arresting Dems

Michelle Malkin Sees Through Eric Holder's Partisan Scheme To Harm Republicans By Arresting Dems

It turns out that Barry Hussein Bamz-Soetoro-Alinsky isn't the only schemer in the administration who plays 11-dimensional hopscotch, planning several steps ahead of reality to work miracles of political gamesmanship that only become obvious after the trap has sprung. Screeching rage-fueled harpy Michelle Malkin has sussed out the true intentions behind the Justice Department's corruption indictments against prominent Democrats state Sen. Leland Yee in California and (now-ex-) Mayor Patrick Cannon: Attorney General Eric Holder is only going after these (allegedly) corrupt Democrats now so that voters will forget all about them come this fall's elections, when Holder will go after Republicans, thereby erasing everyone's awareness of Democratic corruption with his Jedi Balrog Majick!

We wish more prominent conservatrolls were as smart as Michelle Malkin.

No More Mister Nice Blog captured Malkin's incisive tweets on this important sleight of indictment:

It's a pretty damning case, and 100% airtight, as NMMNB explains:

That's right: arresting fellow pols on corruption charges is proof of corruption. The fact that the arrestees are fellow Democrats is proof of naked partisanship. Ruining these people's political careers and probably sending them to prison for many years is "Kabuki theater."

Really, folks, this is only logical. When the IRS tries to enforces the law governing "charitable organizations" and gives extra scrutiny (clumsily, yes) to both conservative and progressive groups, it's a partisan attack on conservatives -- they just looked more closely at the progressives to hide their true bias. When the DOJ prosecutes Democrats, it's only as a prelude to unjustified hypothetical prosecutions of Republicans, who will of course be innocent.

Also, too, as a slightly off-topic aside: Credit to Hotty ex-Mayor Pat Cannon for his resignation letter, which neither rails about his innocence nor predicts he'll be vindicated. Instead he just peaces out. That's how it's done, (allegedly) disgraced politicians.

NMMNB also updated his piece with an alternative explanation of the DOJ actions, noting this tweet from a Malkin fan:

Well of course, that has to be it: Holder is only prosecuting Democrats to distract from the totally unprecedented 2-week extension of the Obamacare sign-up deadline.

And maybe from Benghazi.

[No More Mister Nice Blog]

Follow Doktor Zoom on Twitter. His theory is that the DOJ prosecutes people when they think they have enough evidence to prove their case. Controversial, but he stands by it.

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