Michelle Malkin to Go to Iraq, Hopefully Stay

Now is your chance for a FREE TRIP TO IRAQ. What do you have to do? Bray baseless accusations of fraud at TEH MSM until Eason Jordan pays for you to go to Baghdad!

Jordan, the dude who was fired from CNN for wondering aloud why the hell the US military fired on the journalist-packed Hotel Palestine and bombed al-Jazeera twice, is paying for Michelle Malkin's trip out to the land of Good News They Don't Tell You. It's good publicity for his new IraqSlogger venture, and if what we understand about the reliability of the power grid in Baghdad is accurate, it may keep Malkin off the internet for a while. Shit, we'd start a collection to send a lot of bloggers to Iraq.

Michelle is going because there's an Associated Press source in Baghdad who she thinks doesn't exist, and, like Curt Weldon, she knows only her and some other no-name blogger can find the truth.

Incidentally, Wonkette has reason to suspect that Reuters has a totally made-up source in Saint-Tropez. We'd love to be proven wrong, of course. Maybe in the Spring, if that works.

Eason Jordan, Michelle Malkin, and Capt. Hussein [USAToday]

Questions and Answers -- Friday [IraqSlogger]


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