It has been a rough week for non-thugs in America, as blackity-black people are flaunting their sportsball prowess all over the place. Why, even Michelle Obama used the precious sacred White House space to FLOTUS like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and dunk on the Miami Heat.

That's some straight up hooliganism there. Barbara Bush would have never dunked on the Heat at the White House. Lady Bird Johnson would never have dunked on the Heat at the White House, mainly because the Heat didn't exist yet. Come to think of it, we'd pay good money for a little 3-on-2 basketball action starring all the remaining First Ladies. Babs, Rosalynn Carter, and Laura Bush could be on one side, but you know Hillz and Michelle could be down a player and still crush it.

This is not the only instance of Sportsball Thug Life, oh no it is not. Apparently there was an important Sportsball matchup this weekend between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, with the winner going to Super Sportsball Bowl. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was interviewed after the game, and he was pumped up over being part of the game-winning play and decided to trash talk a 49ers dude, as one does.



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