Michelle Obama Jumps Rope To Amusement of Obese Kelly Ripa Fans

Why hello, FLOTUS fans. Have you been wondering what your First Lady Michelle Antoinette Obama has been up to the past few weeks? Anything particularly scandalous aside from hanging outon Pinterest looking at pictures of smoothies and going around, giving advice to hopelessly unemployed college graduates? Oh, here is something to freak out about: our FLOTUS went on "Live! With Kelly!" on Monday to show off how completely not-obese she is, which is very elitist of her. She was wearing "palazzo pants," because again, she thinks she is too good for jorts and a two-for-one pack of tee-shirts from Walmart! That's the thing about our Michelle. One minute she is renting out a Spanish palace mosque for herself and her closest girlfriends, and the next minute she's jumping rope, like poor children do in after-school specials about diversity.

Michelle Obama was joined on the show by what we assume is the least popular group of kids in Cary, North Carolina, the "Cary YMCA SuperSkippers."

Dressed in a pair of bright blue trousers, a flower-print blouse and a green cardigan, FLOTUS helped coach a frightened Ripa, who said she was “dying to learn” the sport.

“Turning is just as important as jumping,” Michelle Obama, 48, said.

After Ripa successfully jumped rope on her second try, the First Lady was ready to show her what a real expert can do.

After her first attempt didn’t pan out, The First Lady instructed the members of the competition team to “turn faster” before she jumped in to show off her skills.

Not only is that Michelle Obama a show-off, she is bossy, giving jump-roping orders to a professional troupe of child athletes! And oh, how we love her. Here is that video.

[Politico/NY Daily News]


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