Michelle Obama Spends More Time on Television Than Actual Actors, According to Vague Statement

Michelle Obama Spends More Time on Television Than Actual Actors, According to Vague Statement

We have been following Michelle Obama's television escapades - most recently, an appearance onThe Biggest Loser and Colbert - and we are not the only ones. Fox News would like you to know that Michelle Obama is now the "most televised" First Lady. When she's not secretly plotting the Obama administration's next move in the ongoing Battle of the Sexes (like the radio show/board game, except the prize is an unwanted pregnancy) our Michelle has been hitting every circuit, from late night comedy to mid-morning children's to late afternoon tween. But since this is an election year, it is important, according to this article, to ask ourselves, "Was Michelle Obama being sincere with those muppets on Sesame Street, or just trying to get their votes?"

It should not come as a surprise that Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center has some things to say about Michelle Obama's television appearances, since he has an unexplained yet deep-seated anger toward muppets.

Lately, Michelle Obama is no stranger to television entertainment. She's already outpaced past first ladies, like Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, in the number of TV appearances she's made over the first four years of a president's term.

Dan Gainor, of the Media Research Center, said Michelle Obama really is "off the charts" in the number of times she's appeared in entertainment television cameos, even more so "than I dare say many big name actors and actresses."

In just the last four months, viewers have seen Obama do push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres, play tug o' war with Jimmy Fallon, laugh along with Jay Leno and David Letterman, dance on Disney's "iCarly," work out with "The Biggest Loser" contestants at the White House, appear at the BET Honors, smile on "Sesame Street" and chat about healthy school lunches with Rachael Ray.

Whether the appearances are sincere or just political is up for debate. Democratic political strategist Doug Schoen suggested they were a little bit of both.

Let's please debate the level of sincerity demonstrated by our country's First Lady on iCarly, a show about a teenage girl who broadcasts some sort of Internet show from her trendy Seattle loft apartment she shares with her older brother that often includes a sketch called "Random Dancing."

Michelle Obama gains "an overwhelmingly amount of positive coverage" from being on these shows, said Gainor, who also added that these appearances allow her to campaign for her husband.

"What she's doing is political," said Gainor. "She's getting her face out there because it's an election year."

Gainor argued this is one way for the Obama administration to reach out to Hollywood for fundraising. "It's ridiculous the amount of other shows that have put her on," he said.

"Seriously, I am just trying to eat my Swanson Hungry-Man dinner and drool over Michelle Malkin in peace, commies!" is what many conservative men have cried out in recent months, before falling into a deep, microwave meal slumber and dreaming of what they wish prom could have been. [Fox News]


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