Michelle Obama Will Take Over U.S. Military, Next


Here's America's beloved first lady Michelle Obama, who is apparently so popular that shewas slammed by both the Drudge Report and shameless convention-center clown Sarah Palin within the same 24 hour period. So what's she telling this Army Man/"Naval lieutenant commander," how to vote in November if he doesn't want to be transferred to Siberia?

Nobody knows what's really going on here. The caption claims Michelle was just stopping by the Bethesda Naval Hospital to visit injured military people recovering there. But it's more likely that she was discussing the procedure to clone "super soldiers" who will all look and act and talk just like the First Lady, so that Afghanistan and Iraq can be solved, by the Michelle Clones, who will also tell everybody to eat organic vegetables and vote Demoncrat. [White House Flickr photo by Samantha Appleton]


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