Michigan Gay-Student Stalker Andrew Shirvell Finally Fired

THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA LIVES! Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvellhas now been fired by Republican state Attorney General Mike Cox (the guy who previously defended this as an important First-Amendment right) for "harrassing" a college kid because he was in the student government and gay. Sorry, he was in the student government AND A GAY NAZI. So this is a good thing, him finally being fired! Yes, Cox's dumb administration is already on its way out to make way for a new state attorney general, but it's good that action has been taken against Shirvell so that children can now point at him on the street and make fun of him for getting fired. Also "fun": this Shirvell douche called Nancy Pelosi to try to get her to "fire" this college kid.

Yeah! Good plan! That's probably something the House Speaker can do!

Cox said Shirvell engaged in his campaign against Shirvell on company time and posted attacks on Armstrong on the Internet while at work.

“Finally, Shirvell lied to investigating assistant attorneys general on several occasions during his disciplinary hearing.”

Yes, sure he lied, but he was telling the truth about this college kid being a gay Nazi! Honest! The kid ALWAYS has an angry Nazi face and uniform when Shirvell has wet dreams about him.

Armstrong’s attorney, Deborah Gordon, issued a statement this afternoon in which she said the AG’s office made the correct decision. Gordon and Armstrong have filed complaints with the Michigan Grievance Commission, asking it to investigate Shirvell and possibly disbar him.

Which would only leave Shirvell with one option to make a living: Andrew Shirvell, P.I.: Gay-Nazi Undergrad Investigation Unit. [Detroit Free Press]


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