Michigan Lady Will Not Go To Jail Over Her Garden, Just Her Dogs


The woman whose front-yard FLOTUS shrine almost landed her in jail is in the clear now, sort of! So nice try, obesity epidemic, you lose this one. The city of Oak Park, Michigan no longer cares about Julie Bass’ hideous vegetable garden. Instead, they would like to go after her dogs, because Oak Park is now Arizona, so everyone must show their papers, or else.

Julie Bass may still have to go to court this month -- over her dogs.

Bass was cited in June with a misdemeanor for building the garden, which sits in five raised beds in the back part of her front yard behind grass. She said she had opted for the garden rather than flowers to create an educational tool and to have a few extra vegetables for the family.

That citation included violations for owning two unlicensed dogs. They are not licensed, but Bass said she took the vaccine information to court in June, where an impasse was reached over language in the ordinance and Bass asked for a jury trial. Her pretrial date for the garden issue had been set for July 26.

But Eugene Lumberg, city prosecutor, said he didn't see the vaccine paperwork. He said that issue will be resolved as soon as he sees the paperwork.

[Detroit Free Press]


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