Michigan Misogyny: Not Just For Republicans Any More!


If you watchEd Schultz’s GET OFF MY LAWN hour for liberals, then you’ve probably heard of Virg Bernero, Lansing’s shout-tastic Mayor. Bernero was also the Democrats’ embarrassingly bad Michigan gubernatorial candidate in 2010.

And he might be a sexist and a homophobe who thinks his female political opponents are really men wearing lady clothes! City Councilwoman Jody Washington (a labor-backed Democrat like Bernero) says Mr. Anger Bear Mayor called her a man in drag—specifically a man named Eric Hewitt, who used to be on City Council.

Based on his MSNBC shtick, you might assume that Bernero is one of those uber-PC types that glares at you if you don’t bring reusable bags to the organic local food co-op. That assumption would be wrong. Virg Bernero is actually just another tacky local pol who says not nice things about Native Americans and (allegedly) ladies. Especially when they get in the way of his fun casino plans.

When a reporter asked Bernero about this man in drag allegation, he gave a non-denial denial: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He went on to tell this reporter, a lady, to “get your facts straight. ”

Of course he did. Someone has to set these broads straight. Otherwise, they’ll start to think they’re Carl Bernstein in a dress. Get your facts straight lady and make Virg Bernero a sandwich.


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