Michigan Rep Would Like To Stone Cold Crack Union Skulls For Jobs, Freedom

Michigan Rep Would Like To Stone Cold Crack Union Skulls For Jobs, Freedom

Union members and their allies converged on the state Capitol in Lansing today to protest the passage of Michigan’s new Right to Work law. It's kind of abig deal.

Right to Work, or “Freedom to Work” as its been rebranded, means “more and better jobs” according to Sinclair Lewis-character-turned-Governor Rick Snyder. Think of all the jobs created because thousands of people are hanging around Lansing to protest. Probably, some of them will buy coffee or cigarettes or hot dogs or whatever those swarthy labor thugs like. Also, since Michigan is your new Wisconsin, a lot of national media types will be in town to cover this mess. They’ll rent cars, book hotel rooms, expense trips to the bars. All of which creates jobs. More and better jobs!

And that’s before we even talk about police overtime for crowd control. The police will spend their Right to Work protest overtime money in the community and it will recirculate through the local economy.

This is the part of Right to Work that soft-focus sex God Dave Agema likes the most. Wonketteers probably remember Agema, a state rep. and Republican National Committeeman, from the time he skipped a budget vote to hunt Russian (communist?) sheep or the time he opposed a program to literally clothe orphans, or the time he said Barack Obama was a secret Muslim.

Anyway, Agema was so thrilled to see today’s Right to Work protests and not just because all this activity will create more and better jobs but also because he just loves to see American citizens getting their skulls cracked by the cops.

Simply put, Dave Agema is a fascist cocksucker. Apologies to those of you who sometimes insert a human phallus into your mouth for fun or profit. You don’t deserve to be compared to Dave Agema but, you know, it’s an expression. [Facebook]


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