Miers Postmortem: Even Airheads Piling On

You know, you shouldn't mistake our honest-to-God astonishment at the engineering feats that come together as one to form the complete sartorial aspect of Harriet Miers as mere cattiness. For that, we have Robin Givhan, who sashays headlong into vapidity in today's Washington Post. The justification? "It was easy to spend time studying Miers's appearance because there was only the thinnest paper trail to compete for attention." Shorter version: My employer doesn't trust me around paper trails, just vapor trails.

Amid the various critiques of accessories, the use of eyeliner and some half-hearted Camille Paglian flings into the realm of gender politics, it's this piece of simply earth-shattering reportage that stands out:

In turning to cosmetics, Miers made a conscious decision to alter her appearance.

Now if Givhan can just let us know what products can help us to capture the je ne sais quoi of Rove's shit-eating smirk...

A Troubling Decision by Harriet Miers [Washington Post]


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