Miers: Talking Head Dems Have Stopped Making Sense

McAuliffe_Terry4.jpgWhen asked by Wolf Blitzer, "What do the Democrats do now?" Terry McAuliffe was quick to dust off one of those hoary talking points that he used to astounding effect all those years he was directing his party to the pinnacles of electoral glory that they now so richly enjoy: "We just have to keep putting out our positive message."

Really? Because here's the positive message I hear being put out by Democrats today: The radical right-wing sleestaks that stalk this land hopped up on quasi-Christian kookdom and stronger than ever, have beaten the President into supine submission on Miers and are slavering at the mouth for satisfaction. Oh! And did we mention that it was our guy, Harry Reid, who was the one that suggested Miers in the first place! Yeah, that was us. Make sure you get that down.

Boy, it's kind of hard to not be just awash in positivity when you hear news like that. Are we missing something here? Weren't perfectly normal, rational, mainstream Americans just as opposed to the Miers nomination because they all remembered that the last time a patently unqualifed Bush crony made the news, he was leafing through the Baton Rouge Zagats while an entire city crapped themselves in the hallway of the Superdome?

So while the Democrats go miles out of their way to avoid connecting with a moderate, mainstream groundswell, Bush will probably come away with higher approvals for pulling the plug on a nominee that sentient Americans saw as unqualified, and he gets indictments out of the headlines until Trash Day to boot. When the Democrats say "we can do better", man, they are not kidding.


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