Miers to Gays: Down in Front!

Let's review what we know what we know about Harriet Miers so far: She's a 60-year-old single born again Christian man-eater and a dithering, detail- (and birthday-)obsessed crony who could probably dress herself better in the dark. None of that, of course, answers the question foremost on the, uhm, minds of Wonkette readers: Where does she stand on ass-fucking?

We're guessing in back. We kid. She's not actually fully behind the ass-fucking agenda. True: She did, rather alarmingly (for a bush Bush supporter), tell a gay and lesbian advocacy group that she believed that homos should have the "same" civil rights as breeders. However, she did tell that same group that she did not support repeal of the Texas sodomy code. So much for the "same" rights: You don't have to sit in the back of the bus, but still you can't take it in the rear.

Time, Drudge Too Easily Excitable (heh) [Law Dork]

RELATED: We repeat for those too busy diagramming eyeliner mishaps to use Google: Miers may not favor corn-holing, but she does not try to convert the cornholers. She sits on the board of Exodus MINISTRIES not Exodus INTERNATIONAL. Even the HRC gave her pass on this one. [Bay Windows]


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