Mike Allen Will Not Be Denied

What happens when you don't feel like answering questions from Mike Allen, Bestest Political Reporter in the World? He'll write 1,200 words on how much of a dick you are.

As Obama left the hotel reception, smiling and saying, "Thank you AGAIN," I introduced myself and said, "Good evening, Senator, may I walk with you?" He replied, "You can walk with me. That doesn't mean you can ask questions." I chuckled, thinking he was kidding. "But you can certainly walk with me," he added. The Senator then underscored, "I'm sorry. I'm not answering questions."

While the rest of the piece is the usual "Barry Hussein has to act substantive, Hillary has to pretend she has a soul" stuff, we were happy to learn, in the last paragraph, that Students for Barack Obama is holding something called a "Yes We Can" rally at George Mason. Obama's a lot like Sammy Davis, Jr.! They both broke the color barrier of traditionally white institutions, they're both unthreatening to Old White People, and they're both always secretly plotting against us.

For Obama, No News is Good News [The Politico]


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