Mike Bloomberg Considering Not Not Running For Not Non-President

bloom.jpgMike Bloomberg, the least entertaining mayor of New York since Abe Beame, has been grabbing headlines all week with the following tried-and-true strategies:

* Inexplicable national policy speeches.

* Meetings with California's Governor Wolfcastle.

* Switching political parties.

* Announcing that he's not running for President.

* Running for President.

Bloomberg has been, according to the Times today, testing the waters for two years now. He's rich enough to finance his campaign without help, and he's been studying Ross Perot's 1992 for tips on how to remain an easy punchline years after you've wasted your moment of national prominence.

Bloomberg, politically, is more or less aligned with current GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani on nearly every issue not having to deal with torturing all the Muslims forever, and Bloomberg would like to ban smoking instead of, say, art. Of course the bloodlust is actually the only thing allowing Rudy to poll as highly as he is right now, and he's not even Jewish, so it's unclear why Mike thinks anyone would ever have any reason to vote for him.

For 2 Years, Bloomberg Aides Prepared for Bid [NYT]


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