Mike Gravel Hopes He Dies Before He Gets Old

Rock paper scissors! - WonketteDemocrat presidential candidate and 77-year-old ex-Senator Mike Gravel has a message for you establishment squares who don't dig his crazy YouTube videos: "What people like you don't understand -- which I think is hilarious -- is this is a metaphor."

Gravel was keeping it real on the Today show when he made the bitchin' comments about his groovy experimental film clips, which apparently go right over the heads of "people older than 30."

So, uhm, metaphor for what? Well, the one that shows him standing there glaring at the camera like a child molester and then awkwardly dropping a rock in a pond is all about ... making waves, yes! And the one that shows him making a campfire and then the camera just shows the fire for seven minutes? That one's about ... uhm, well fire is made of wisdom and also you can see it. Gravel did finally admit that he actually has no idea what the David Lynchian videos are about and that they were made by two weirdos from California.

Gravel explains YouTube spots [MSNBC]

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