Mike Huckabee Spotted Returning from Secret Island Jaunt

How the hell is Mike Huckabee doing these days? Well, he's thirsty, and he's still running for President of Jesus, and to finance both of these things he delivered a paid speech in the Cayman Islands -- where the Fat Cats hide their money -- this weekend. Wonkette operative "Mikey G." happened to spot Huckabee at Miami Airport on Sunday, presumably when our heroic candidate was returning from his Island holiday. Huckabee, of course, was very alone, and no one knew who he was.

Quoth Mikey G. (pictured above):

Miami airport. Gate D47 boarding american flight 1763 to chicago continuing to orange county. Now. 2:01pm EST. Just saw and talked to mike huckabee. By himself. No security detail, not a single aide or assistant with him. Blended in with crowd and unremarkable. Rolling an odd duffel bag (blue) rollaway style and scanning the screens for his flight looking confused and not at all self conscious or presidential. Wearing a blue blazer. Exactly 1 person besides me shook their head in disbelief. I lied and said "I'm a big fan, can I grab a photo?". He seemed very interested that I'm from california. I feel worse for sporting "formerly drunk and just awoke coming off a plane breath", and no gum.

BLUE rollaway style?


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