Mike Huckabee Waiting Until Summer To Decide If He Wants To Lose Again


While the rest of the Republican field waits to get in, Herman Cain only gets stronger. Mike Huckabee says he will wait until the summer to start running for president, because he learned the last time he ran that it's hard to raise a lot of money from fellow squirrel-frying entrepreneurs, and people get sick of people who have been running for president for a year before they even vote for them in a primary. But aren't people already tired of this guy, and his beady eyes and cheap suit?

You're the stale loaf of bread on the shelf, and it's very difficult to make your message fresh.

So if a loaf of bread is stale after months on the campaign trail, isn't it much worse three years later? Or is a second run at the presidency a "french toast" run, which means it's actually much better to be stale?

This is boring. Hurry up and start running, Republicans. We need to make fun of you. [The Hill]


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