Mike Huckabee's Making the Speeches

He's saying some loser shit. A loser liveblog, after the loser jump.

10:08 -- It's a two-man race: me, and heathens.

10:10 -- When I'm president, the IRS and the Fair Tax will be gone, because I did not abandon those ideas when I became a major national candidate.

10:11 -- I will "undergird" your "children." One of those is a real word, and both involve molestation.

10:12 -- Before I forget: fuck Mexico, and its humans.

10:12 -- The conservatives, have a choice, and a voice, and it's Ronald Reagan.

10:13 -- Describes himself as an "old Razorback." Several times. With "bulldog fever." So he doesn't shave his back, but he's drinking a bulldog milkshake.

10:13 -- This is a national candidate for president, Mike Huckabee.

10:14 -- This is our election, not theirs. "This is our presidency, not theirs." The pundits, he means. He is robbing the presidency from the pundits.

10:14 -- Is Ron Paul more or less sane than this guy?

10:14 -- Elections tear apart our party. But our ultimate purpose is to rape bulldogs, not shave our backs, abolish the IRS, and KILL THE JEWS MITTARY CLINTON.

10:16 -- Huckabee "never thought I'd see a president within eyesight" when he was young. Has he?

10:17 -- 44th Governor of Arkansas, 44th President of the United States. Do the math -- he can't be wrong.


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