Mike Huckabee's Son Tries To Finish What Jim Webb Started

'Might be coloreds out there!' - WonketteLITTLE ROCK, Arkansas -- In a desperate and cynical attempt to get some attention for his utterly forgotten campaign for the GOP nomination, former Governor Mike Huckabee pulled a Jim Webb on his own son and sent young David Huckabee through airport security with a LOADED HANDGUN.

The Glock .40-caliber was "loaded with eight rounds" and concealed in David Huckabee's briefcase, which he cunningly put through the X-Ray machine. He was immediately charged and found guilty and sentenced -- shit moves fast in Arkansas, apparently -- to a year in state prison! Hooray! Oh, but it was a "suspended sentence." That's how it is in Arkansas. Daddy even pardons the rapists!

This is the latest ridiculous stunt Mike Huckabee has pulled to attract attention to his doomed candidacy; in recent months, he lost 500 lbs. in the popular Subway sandwich commercials and was the real-life inspiration for Will Farrell's alcoholic idiot character in "Old School." But like his previous calls for help, nobody will remember this one in a week, either.

And now, here's a picture of Mike Huckabee and his son:

PACKING HEAT -- UPDATE 2 [Arkansas Times]


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