ohlala.jpgFormer Senate staffer Mike McHaney, who'a arrest Wonkette reported yesterday, belonged to an informal gay social group known as the Axis of Fun. The group, a source tells us, is not very well-liked. "They think they are the big shots within the gay community around DC and play kickball together and canoodle around Rehobeth."

"They are total douche bags and several of them were friends with Mike on Facebook up until this morning, though that is beginning to change as they don't want to be associated with him anymore. Same can be said for his Friendster page. Anyway, I'm sure Axis of Fun (AOF) are probably freaking out that they are associated with a now known pedophile."

Another source familiar with the Axis of Fun said "when they go to the beach, they all sit together and have monogram beach chairs. It's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen. They totally deserve to be associated with this bullshit."

Wonkette attempted to contact McHaney's Facebook friends, most of which are staffers on The Hill. As of post time, they had not returned e-mails.

As of Tuesday afternoon, McHaney and Cantwell's office had not returned requests for comments. McHaney has taken down his Facebook page.

Before his arrest Friday, McHaney worked for Sen. Maria Cantwell. Prior to that position, McHaney worked for Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid and as was an aide to Rep. Dick Gephardt. There are unconfirmed reports McHaney did stints at the Human Rights Campaign and Remingtons, a gay country western nightclub.

Comenters and readers: we gratefully welcome tips about McHaney and AOF. Thanks!


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