Mike Murphy is this Republican guy with crazy hair like Bozo the Clown would have, if Bozo the Clown had very fine straight hair and wasn'tdead. Whenever Mike Murphy shows up on Meet the Press he is wearing some ridiculous plaid jacket and talking actual sense about Republicans, which is unusual. Naturally, he will not be joining the McCain campaign.

Last week all these Washington jackasses could talk about nothing except the possibility that Maverick Murphy might join the McCain campaign, where he would tell the current crop of idiot advisors to quit sending the candidate to acting lessons and "let McCain be McCain."

Of course they ignored him, and Mike Murphy will get back to his insanely lucrative consulting job while John McCain gets back to digging his own grave.

However, Murphy will probably still make the evening news rounds on McCain's behalf, so there are many more delightful sportjacket/haircut combinations for America yet to behold.

Murphy won’t join McCain [Politico]


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