Mike Rogers, Weary of Saying I Told You So, Moves On to the Profit Stage

Mike Rogers of Blogactive is having a very good Late Summer, indeed! Last week, he got to say, "I wrote about Larry Craig's sex-loo fondness last October" to whomever would listen, and for once, everybody wanted to listen! This morning he got the ultimate full-release sought after in this town: a fawning butt-licking by the Washington Post. They even call him "the most feared man on The Hill," an epithet which virtually guarantees Mr. Rogers will have to keep his legs crossed on the Metro for at least a month. Good on ya, Mike!

But wouldn't you like to have a souvenir of Toiletgate? Mike's got that covered, too! Head over to the eBays to bid on his Larry Craig fun pack, a superexciting extravaganza which includes... um... some pieces of paper and a plastic pin shaped like a potato! Yay! [eBay]


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