Military Brass Doesn't Love Trump Saying All They Wanna Do Is Sh*t, F*ck And Fight

Tie a yellow ribbon, etc.

President Finger-On-The-Pulse for some reason thought it'd be a good idea on Monday, during his pointless press conference/campaign rally, to try to smooth things over with our men and women in uniform. It did not go well!

TRUMP: I'm not saying the military's in love with me — the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.

Cool. He baselessly claimed the "soldiers" are "in love" with him, which is funny because he was already losing to Joe Biden by four points among the troops even before news came out that Trump hates the troops and thinks they are stupid dumbfuck losers, especially if they do something gay like die in a war. (Those are not his exact words, but they're probably closer than we think.) Anyway, who knew the military was a purple state, like a common Arizona!

Then Trump decided to insult military leaders, accusing them of always wanting to do war whenever they can, because they want to make contractors happy. That's right, he accused them of being grifters. (Y'all know how generals are the ones who get Christmas bonuses from Boeing and Raytheon, right? Riiiiiiiight.)

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VA Sec Wilkie Doesn't Just Look Like Baby Dinosaur Bill Barr, He Lies Like Him Too!

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Welcome to your Labor Day weekend Sunday show rundown! Today we're going to focus on Secretary Of Veterans Affairs and Bill Barr's younger clone, Robert Wilkie.

Wilkie's appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" with host Dana Bash comes after The Atlantic published its story on Trump's disdain for the military and veterans on Thursday. Things got worse on Friday when Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin independently corroborated the story, only to be underbussed by her own network.

This set off Trump so much, he violated the Constitution ( again) by trying to infringe on Griffin's First Amendment rights of freedom of speech (individually) and freedom of the press (career-wise).

It probably didn't help his mood when he "choked" while golfing that The Atlantic story had also been confirmed as of the time of this writing by Washington Post, New York Times, AP and CNN.

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It's 56 Days Until The Election, And Trump Still Hates The Troops

And everybody fucking knows it.

This story about Trump hating the troops and thinking they're suckers and losers and stupid dumbasses? It has got LEGS. In fact, we think it's got boots on the ground, and those boots are made for walking and that's just what they will do and one of these days (November 3) those boots are going to walk all over Donald Trump! (To mix a hundred or four references.)

The Trump White House continues to freak out about the story and deny it, but the thing is, everybody's confirmed it at this point. Even Fox News, though Fox News fought mightily not to break its version of the story, even though a very fine reporter in its employ named Jennifer Griffin was able to confirm the story by Friday afternoon. (If you want to see how hard Fox News tried not to break the story, Madeline Peltz from Media Matters has an excellent tick-tock on Twitter of the network's reporting that afternoon, how they didn't let Griffin on the air for as long as possible, and then after they finally did, spent the rest of the evening shitting on their own reporter's reporting, right up until 11 p.m., when Trump called for her firing on Twitter. Reporters just love it when the place where they work does that.)

Griffin, the Fox News reporter, confirmed a new thing about the story, and it is that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin heard it. She reported this Monday after Mnuchin offered a half-assed denial of the story. Mediaite has a good summary with correct quotes, which is just really saving us some time this morning:

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White House

WH Flacks Insist Donald Trump Loves Troops Most Donald Trump Loves Troops Most Donald T

Talk about losers and suckers.

Following the publication yesterday of Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic story about how Donald Trump is a jerk who thinks US soldiers are all idiots and that military cemeteries are full of losers, the Trumposphere leapt into motion. In its usual clumsy attempts to defend the indefensible, the White House pointed out that since Goldberg's story was based on anonymous sources, it was almost certainly false, because why won't these sources come forward to face the wrath of the angriest cult of personality in American political history? Here's White House spokesungulate Judd Deere, waggling his horns at you:

And please never mind that both the Associated Press and the Washington Post were able to quickly confirm Goldberg's accounts of horrible things Trump has said, because those stories also relied on unnamed sources. Oddly enough, though, for all the Trumpenvolk insisting Donald Trump is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful troop supporter they've ever known, there was a distinct non-outpouring of support from one corner: We haven't yet seen military folks gushing about how wonderful Trump has been to them.

Now, active-duty folks are aren't allowed to get political, for good reason, but we aren't yet seeing any wave of retired generals or admirals coming forward to speak up for Trump. And of course, it was a "senior Defense Department official" who confirmed to the AP's Jim LaPorta that Goldberg's story was true "in its entirety."

No, if nutball Mike Flynn pops up to say the story was false, that won't count.

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