White House Denies Russian Bounty Story, But *Turns Out* The NYT Knows A Guy In Afghanistan

Their bet was that the Times wouldn't have on-the-ground sources? Really?

Did these geniuses think they could shit all over the intelligence community for four straight years without it coming back to bite them in the ass? Did they really believe they could consistently side with Putin over career civil servants, AKA the Deep State, with no pushback? Did they expect to get away with dispatching Mark Meadows and that hack John Ratcliffe to lie about national security without someone calling them out on their bullshit?

HAHA, of course they did. Donald Trump spent an entire year ignoring reports that Russia was paying the Taliban to murder US and coalition troops in Afghanistan, and the White House's plan to deal with the exploding scandal is to pretend that those nervous nellies at the NSA couldn't be sure about the intel, so the White House had no choice but to wait indefinitely for verification before taking any action that might upset Trump's pal Putin.

It's a really dumb plan.

FFS, the New York Times's Rukmini Callimachi has half of ISIS on speed dial. Did the White House think she wouldn't know a guy in the Taliban?

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White House

Trump Nom Anthony Tata Pulled A Nuge, Forged Court Order, Is Be Best People

He's so sorry, please don't judge him by that or his bugfuck bigotry!

Yet another Donald Trump appointment is raising some eyebrows, at least briefly, before gutless Senate Republicans rubber-stamp his confirmation. Anthony Tata is a former brigadier general in the Army, and more importantly, he plays a defense expert on Fox News. Those were all the qualifications Trump needed to see, so he nominated Tata to hold the third highest civilian post at the Pentagon, "undersecretary of defense for policy." (The post came open in February when Trump purged all the disloyals once impeachment was over with. The previous undersecretary, John Rood, opposed withholding military aid from Ukraine.)

Unfortunately, Tata's nomination ran into a spot of bother earlier this month when CNN did secret spy stuff to him, by looking at his Twitter history and finding it full of racist conspiracy bullshit, like a bunch of Islamophobic tweets from 2018 in which he said all Muslims are called to do terrorism, and called Barack Obama "a 'terrorist leader' who did more to harm the US 'and help Islamic countries than any president in history.'"

MSNBC's Steve Benen drily notes that it's unclear whether "the White House failed to vet Tata, or chose him because of unhinged missives."

But don't worry! In a letter to two members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Tata says he has come to "deeply regret" those awful tweets, especially because people found them, and he hopes the senators, Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) and Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island), will understand the "hyperbolic" tweets were merely a departure from his usually sober, respectful attitude toward all, even filthy Muslim terrorist presidents trying to destroy America. He's not that guy who wrote his very own tweets, not at all! Especially if they might get in the way of his setting American defense policy.

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National Politics

Larry Kudlow Predicts Yooge Recovery And 'Solid 2021.' What Could Go Wrong?

It's Your Sunday Show Rundown!

Welcome back to your Sunday Show rundown, where we watch the Sunday shows so you never have to.

We'll begin with CNN's "State Of The Union" with Jake Tapper, who had on Trump economic adviser/used car salesman Larry Kudlow:

Kudlow brought the same bullshit he packed into less than 30 seconds in the (taxpayer-funded) campaign video above, with less smarmy energy, but Tapper really wasn't having it.

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Cops Behaving Badly

Trump Blacksplains To Fox Anchor That 'Shoot The Looters' Said By *Whole Other Racist*

So we're good here right?

In a clip from an upcoming longer interview with Fox News's Harris Faulkner, Donald Trump explained that his recent Twitter threat "When the looting starts, the shooting starts" was not a threat at all, but simply a dispassionate description of what happens during riots. He also misattributed the quote to a politician he clearly admires, the late Frank Rizzo, who as police commissioner and later as mayor of Philadelphia advocated white supremacy and police brutality. Astonishingly, Faulkner got a few facts into the interview, too, so look for Trumpers to start demanding she be fired.

Trump spoke to Faulkner while visiting Dallas, where he worked real hard to heal America's racial divisions by saying you can't talk about systemic racism because it's so unfair to the nice not-racist people in police departments, you monster. He also said that racial tensions in the US will be resolved "quickly and easily," because Americans are "good and virtuous people," and all we have to do is come together under his wise leadership. Which is very tough, like Frank Rizzo, maybe.

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