Old Handsome President Biden Doing Coast Guard Academy Graduation, WATCH IT LIVE!

WonkTV presidential feature!

Hey remember that time Donald Trump forced graduating West Point cadets to watch him limp down a ramp in the first months of the pandemic, just because he needed attention?

President Joe Biden is doing the US Coast Guard Academy graduation this morning. It will be better than that thing we just mentioned.

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Former Trump Acting SecDef Christopher Miller Is A Real Piece Of Sh*t, We Mean Work


Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee hosted two former Trump Administration officials who were "serving" the people on the day of the January 6 Capitol terrorist attack Donald Trump incited. It was Christopher Miller, the dude Trump shoved in as (acting) secretary of Defense, and Jeffrey Rosen, who became (acting) attorney general after Bill Barr was quit-fired.

In this post we'll focus on Miller's testimony, and the only nice thing we can find to say about it is that he at least did agree that the January 6 attack was terrorism. The rest of the time he was just absolutely full of shit and a coward.

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Right Wing Extremism

If These Retired Military Idiots Were Your Grandpa, You'd Take 'Em To A Neurologist


Remember that January 3 letter Liz Cheney orchestrated, where all living former secretaries of Defense said in no uncertain terms that the military shouldn't allow itself to be used to make coups upon the American people in service of dumpster fire authoritarians desperately trying to steal elections after the fact? Remember all the retired military bigwigs, including former Trump Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other former Trump officials, who condemned Trump's little fascist Bible-gassing photo-op stunt in front of St. John's church in Washington last year?

Well, there's another group of retired generals and other military brass out there who seem to have seen all those condemnations from actual respected retired military and taken them as a challenge, to which they are responding, "OH YEAH, BURP FART? Well we can find a bunch of retired generals and admirals who are way less smart than those other officials, who have let their brains atrophy entirely into egg salad, who can also too write letters! We can find some retired brass dumpstupid enough to sign open letters supporting Donald Trump's Big Lies and attacks on the United States! YOU THINK WE CANNOT FIND GUYS THAT SMALL OF DICK AND DUMB OF BRAIN? Hold our beers!"

Politico reports on just the best letter ever, released by "Flag Officers 4 America," which definitely sounds like a legit group of very cool military guys whose breath smells really good and who have clean underpants on right now. It was put together by some retired guy named Maj. Gen. Joe Arbuckle, and is signed by 124 of America's retired best and brightest, obviously:

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Joe Biden Ending Forever War In Afghanistan

It's like he doesn't even know what 'forever' means!

Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced that the USA's longest war will finally end, with all US troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the attacks that led to US "involvement" there in the first place. Biden said that after two decades of death and misery, it's time to end this:

"We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan hoping to create the ideal conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a different result," said Biden, who delivered his address from the White House Treaty Room, the same location where President George W. Bush announced the start of the war. "I am now the fourth United States president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I will not pass this responsibility to a fifth."

Here's video of Biden's announcement:

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