Minneapolis Airport Police Conspiring To Destroy America's Western Ranches! Or Something ...

He put the 'ho in Idaho! - WonketteAmerican hero and U.S. American Senator Larry Craig has a new ally in his brave battle to un-resign from the Senate and un-plead guilty to trying to get some dick in a public restroom. The American Land Rights Association has announced its support of Craig -- one of the bravest, straightest men fighting for property rights in the Western United States -- by calling for a boycott of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

By ambushing Senator Larry Craig, the Minneapolis St Paul Airport Police have effectively declared war on the West. They are primarily responsible for greatly weakening private property rights and Federal land use advocates in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and in Congress. We are urging you to make all your flight arrangements avoiding the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport for at least the next year and probably longer. We'll keep you posted as the boycott develops. Urge your friends, neighbors and fellow workers to try to avoid any flights that take them through Minneapolis St Paul Airport. We must inflict economic pain on the airport authorities to get them to change their behavior. And they must apologize to Senator Larry Craig.

Damn straight. And by "straight" we mean "not gay."

Larry Craig stood up for you when he tried to block the evil Patriot Act, and he stood up for your private property rights when communists in Washington tried to build welfare housing projects on your Western ranchlands. And now these anti-American forces are trying to destroy the "John Wayne of the Senate."

The very least you can do is economically punish the anti-freedom Minneapolis airport.

Airport Boycott [Talking Points Memo]

The Larry Craig Controversy and the Boycott of Minneapolis St Paul International Airport and Northwest Airlines [American Land Rights Association]


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