The Minnesota GOP really seems to be trying to say something to Michelle MacDonald, its own endorsed candidate for the state Supreme Court. But what could it be? Tell us more,Minneapolis City Pages!

Michael Brodkorb reports MacDonald was informed yesterday by party chair Keith Downey that she's not welcome at the MNGOP's State Fair booth. The decision stemmed from a vote of the Republican Party of Minnesota's State Executive Committee.

But here's the kicker -- MacDonald showed up this morning anyway, and private security was there to promptly kick her ass off the premises.

"Michelle who?" you may be asking yourself, astounded to hear of a rightwing Minnesota nutcase who spells her name with two l's. That would be Michelle MacDonald, who won the state GOP's endorsement, despite having a pending DUI case -- and then she waved a Bible around and explained how it's the real source of all law in Our Republic. Not that she can actually follow any laws at all. That Michelle MacDonald.

So anyway, she was told to please not come to the GOP booth at the state fair, and then this morning she showed up anyway and stood around while a couple of GOP officials got in her way:

And then she left, but not before calling on MNGOP Chairman Keith Downey to resign, since obviously he isn't treating Republican candidates named Michelle MacDonald fairly. She also vowed to come back to the booth in an hour, saying, "We may as well get justice on a stick because we can't find it here." You really can get just about anything on a stick at the State Fair! And true to her promise, she eventually returned, so that GOP security dudes could block her from entering.

But even though these are the dog days of summer, she didn't start chanting "Attica! Attica!" She eventually made her way inside, held a short press conference about the unfairness of it all, and left; although police were on hand, they didn't tear gas her, even once. That's what they call Minnesota Nice.

MacDonald is planning to return tomorrow with a delivery of campaign t-shirts. Popcorn sales near the MNGOP booth are anticipated to be brisk.

[Minneapolis City Pages]

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