Minnesota Hunting Lodge Will Allow Gay Wedding After All And Pay For It Too!


Who could use some good news for a change? Oh, everybody? Well, okay then. Here is some good news about two men who wanted to get married in Minnesota, which is a thing two men who want to get married in Minnesota are allowed to do, because that is the law now. They wanted to get married at Rice Creek, a hunting lodge where you can hunt and lodge and lodge and hunt and also get married. Rice Creek also doesbachelor parties so you can "start your party with some shooting."

Anyway, grooms-to-be Cole Frey and Adam Block were all set and sexcited to get their married on at Rice Creek when a funny thing happened:

Rice Creek employees initially told the couple the date for their wedding and reception was open, but then changed their minds.

"Because they don't condone same sex marriage and they weren't ready for that yet," Frey said he was told by Rice Creek on the phone.

The Department of Human Rights investigated and determined there was probable cause of discrimination by the lodge owners due to sexual orientation.

But wait, this is supposed to be a good news story, isn't it? This sounds like some of the same ol' same ol' from the dead-enders who think it is awful, terrible, THE WORST that they are forced to live among The Gay and sometimes even prohibited from discriminating against The Gay for being The Gay (depending on which state you live in, because some states are more backasswards than others, but fortunately, Minnesota joined the 21st century in 2013, hooray for Minnesota!)

Turns out -- after the couple filed a discrimination complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, who looked into it and said, "Yup, you cannot do that, Rice Creek, it is ILLEGAL" -- it was all just a big misunderstanding!

The attorney for the lodge owners, Paul Rogosheske, says they realized they made a mistake in refusing to accommodate the couple.

"We did everything we could to remedy it," Rogosheske said. "We wish them the best."

And the remedy isn't just a "sorry not sorry." It is an actual legitimate Nice Time remedy:

The owners of a lodge in central Minnesota have agreed to pick up the tab for the wedding and reception of a same-sex couple they initially turned away.

And to top it all off, the Minnesota Family Council, aka the Association of Dead-enders Who Are Still Battling Uphill To Uphold the Sanctity of Who Even Knows What Anymore?, is super mad about it.

"The Minnesota Human Rights Department's treatment of Minnesota families is deplorable. They are choosing to enforce the same-sex 'marriage' law in an unconstitutional manner, targeting Minnesota business owners and, to top it all off, claiming victory for settling with a hunting preserve owner who should have never had to face a human rights case against him," Council CEO John Helmberger said in a statement.

Now that is what we call a happy ending.

[Star Tribune via Rawstory]


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