Minnesota Prosecutor Has Pretty Much Had It With Larry Craig's 'Reactionary, Calculated and Political' Plea-Reversal Crap

The Minnesota Prosecutor who accepted Gay Larry Craig's guilty plea in August has now responded to the Idaho Bathroom Goblin's ridiculous request for a do-over, and this guy is furious. Prosecutor Christopher Renz had a long talk with Craig back in July -- weeks after the June arrest and before the August plea. In that conversation, Renz says he made it very clear that Craig should get a lawyer and not just cop a plea and hope nobody found out about it.

"The Defendant told Mr. Renz that he felt he was in a difficult situation as the result of the public office he held, in response to which Mr. Renz said that he appreciated that difficulty and for that reason the Defendant should consult with an attorney," writes Renz in his motion to dismiss Craig's goofy request.

Renz says Craig had six weeks to consider the implications of pleading guilty to "disorderly conduct" after he was caught soliciting gay sex with an undercover cop in the Minneapolis airport's now infamous cruisy toilet.

In exchange for copping to the vague "disorderly conduct" misdemeanor, the more sinister "gross misdemeanor charge of interfering with privacy" got dropped.

This is ultimately the interesting part of the case and at odds with the suddenly pro-cruising conservative movement's claims that Craig committed no crime-- why, he was simply "flirting" to get some layover cock! If that's wrong then I don't want to be right!

But in Minnesota's Hennepin County, at least, it is a crime to stick your face in an occupied bathroom stall, stare creepily at the occupant of the bathroom stall -- who presumably has his pants down -- and otherwise completely invade that person's privacy in a place where a modicum of privacy is expected: behind the closed and latched door of a bathroom toilet stall.

Anyway, the prosecutor also says Craig was totally cool and collected during the negotiations and certainly was never confused about the plea or what it meant. Renz says it's just insane bullshit that a rich college-educated lawmaker with 30 years of experience in the House and Senate and three decades of sponsoring, writing and voting on criminal law could possibly claim ignorance about the meaning of a guilty plea he took six weeks to submit.

Writes Renz: "The defendant chose to plead guilty and consciously took that risk. The defendant's current pursuit of withdrawal of his guilty plea is reactionary, calculated and political."

What else? Oh yeah, Renz says if the judge actually falls for this crap and reverses the plea, millions of American Criminals will also start trying to reverse their guilty pleas, which will lead to a Blood Soaked Armageddon as waves of murderers, rapists, arsonists and bathroom goblins wreak their terrible havoc upon our ruined nation.

Next up on the Endless Cummer Calendar of Cum: This coming Wednesday, September 26 -- that's when a judge is scheduled to hear Gay Larry Craig's stupid plea for a do-over.

Prosecutor: Craig request is 'politicking and game playing' [AP/Star-Tribune]


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