The dance of loveHey Minnesota, would you like to learn more about "oral-anal sex"? Just answer the phone! Chances are you'll eventually be on the receiving end of a bizarre robo-call from the Minnesota Family Council that warns people against buttsecks, rimming, and other horrors. Apparently the liberals want to give your children hands-on demonstrations of biblically forbidden acts, in school, using fetal pigs and Thai hookers.

So, naturally, the Minnesota Family Council is sending out automated calls about the hot, lascivious topics your children will be learning about in school. And if they're anything like the robo-calls that went out last year, they go something like this: "... anal sex and oral anal sex. Here's how you can help Gov. Pawlenty protect your children from unhealthy sex ed." This is awesome because kids then listen to the calls and learn all about the horrifying non-procreative sex acts they'll be forced to do in school tomorrow.

[youtube expand=1]

Minnesota Family Research Council Talks Dirty [YouTube]

Minnesota Family Council robo-calls offer hot phone anti-sex for the whole family [Minnesota Monitor]


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