Minnesota Scumbag Wins 'Douchiest Robin Williams Tweets'


You may or may not remember thepostmodern stylings of Minnesota Republican Chris Fields, who explained a couple of years ago, when he ran against Keith Ellison for Congress, that there's just no way in hell that an ad picturing Ellison and condemning his reverse racism was actually calling Ellison a racist or anything. And then when they debated, Ellison very accurately called Fields a scumbag. Fields is now the Minnesota Republican Party's deputy chair, and in an effort to get out the vote for today's primary election, engaged in a bizarre Twitter war accusing people who were sad about Robin Williams's death of somehow being hypocrites who want to hurt ordinary Americans. Or something.

It all got started when Fields took the opportunity to piggyback a completely relevant political message onto a political opponent's remembrance of Williams. Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (yes it's a thing) social media director Ellen Anderson mentioned, in a tweet from her personal account, that she called her cat "Nanu-Nanu," and added "The world is lucky Robin Williams was able to share his genius with so many." To Fields, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do some social media of his own:

Oh, we get it! If you really want to bring back the good times, vote Republican instead of thinking about an entertainer you liked!

For some reason, people seemed to take Fields and his sincere thoughts all wrong:

Well, by golly, Chris Fields, fan of Saint Ronald Reagan, was NOT going to kowtow to the liberal Cult Of Celebrity that has done so much to ruin America:

Obviously, all this "caring" about Robin Williams is just a distraction from the high taxes that are ruining America, or something. Thank god someone is able to see this. In response to another tweet, Fields castigated liberals for their unspeakable hypocrisy:

Stupid libs, wanting the rich to pay more taxes and pretending that it matters when a rich entertainer dies. Look, it's not like Robin Williams was Ronald Reagan, now was he? WAS HE? After all, if you really cared about opportunity, you'd be voting Republican instead of pretending to be sad about a dead liberal celebrity:

As anyone knows, caring about celebrities hurts real people. That is what this is really about. Why can't liberals grasp this simple fact?

In reply to someone who noted that it's actually possible to care about both the economy AND the death of a beloved entertainer, Fields explained that liberals are just so addicted to "fake moral superiority" that they ruin everyone's lives by tweeting about Robin Williams:

Eventually, Kevin Watterson, a former member of the Republican house communications staff, had had just about enough of watching Fields and his brilliant efforts to make Republicans look good. Fields tried to set him straight, but Watterson wasn't very receptive:

Fields closed with a few additional shots at the hypocrisy of liberals, who don't understand the problems of everyday people like the great Ronald Reagan did:

And in response to another critic who suggested that he'd do well to shut up and try some damage control, Fields reminded that tyrant that we still have free speech, and besides, if he was silenced, maybe he'd just end up like that loser Robin Williams and kill himself:

Haha, YA BURNT! Or Hangt, maybe. You libs pretend to care about depression, but what about when your cruel attempts to censor Chris Fields cause him to become depressed, huh? For some reason, after people started jumping on him for making fun of depression and suicide, Fields had had enough, and sniffed away from the conversation, which had become tainted by "political correctness":

And with that, Chris Fields was done. Good day to you, sir. I say GOOD DAY. If only liberals would stop tweeting about celebrities, maybe, just maybe, this country could move forward like it did in the 1980s.

Incidentally, Ellen Anderson, whose tweet was Fields's excuse to start the whole mess, added that just maybe, people gave a damn about Robin Williams for reasons other than "liberals are shallow worshippers of celebrity":

[BlueStemPrairie / Twitter]

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