Minnesota Supreme Courts Rules Unanimously For Al Franken, Whatever That Means


Nearly a year ago, in a faraway land called "Minnesota Nice," two Patriotic Jews fought an epic battle, if by "fought" you mean "people who were already going to vote for president also voted for one of these dorks (or the Lizard People) running for U.S. Senate." One of them, the rich Hollywood liberal from Minneapolis, wasn't anybody's idea of a prize, but he beat the other guy, some kind of lamer from St. Paul. And that other guy, Norm Coleman, who always loses every campaign, just would not give up, because if he admitted defeat then Barack Obama would have 60 Democrats in the Senate and, well, let's just say it will be "Good-bye Christianity and Hello Women's Studies & the Hip Hop." Anyway, the state Supreme Court says Franken won, the end. [Star Tribune]


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