Minority Babies May Outnumber White Babies In America THIS YEAR!!!


Another minority ghetto.Uh oh, America's white people are about to be outnumbered by, you know, those folks: "Demographers say this year could be the 'tipping point' when the number of babies born to minorities outnumbers that of babies born to whites." NOT COOL, minorities! How can you be minorities when you're the majority? Right now, today, despite Fox News and the best efforts of real (white) Americans, minorities are having 48% of the babies in America. WTF???

And which minority group is having the most minority children? Hispanics, who are from Mexico and other Hispanic places around there. This is what happens when you don't build a million-foot-tall wall of steel around wherever Mexicans get in, like Dulles. Also, when your own people are too fat, dumb and lazy to do actual work, you need immigrants, even if it's "illegal" to have immigrants do all your work, like slaughter your cows in feces factories so you can eat seventeen feces-and-hooves burgers and "steak 'n egg burritos" every day, and slaughter your featherless clipped-beak chickens so you can eat fifty "hot wings" per televised football game quarter.

Anyway, happy Minority Babies Will Outnumber White Babies This Year day, you fat fucking slobs. [CBS News via Wonkette Operative Commander Monsieur Grumpe]


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