Minority Report

* If Pakistan doesn't tend to al Qaeda pretty soon, we may just have to you, you know ... try and find some planes and bombs and stuff that aren't all tied up in Iraq and then maybe mismanage some air strikes or something. [Passport]

* The White House doesn't want to the Democrats to tinker with Iraq, but it doesn't want to have to talk to any Democrats either. [The Swamp]

* The comments on Kos are crazy to be sure, but not crazier than any larger point Bill O'Reilly may make from them. [Fresh Intelligence]

* White House bagman and evil wizard John Negroponte says he will begin using his mind power to fight the Iraqi insurgency, so the United States will be able to reduce its troop levels. [Iraq Slogger]

* Valerie Plame's civil suit against the Bush administration has been dismissed by a judge who apparently hates freedom. [Think Progress]

* Fox News is apparently capable of conducting a poll without keeping its thumb on the scale .... Unless, of course, this is some sort of ploy the ends of which have yet to be seen. Apparently more people trust Hillary on Iraq than Giuliani. [Election Central]

* Mitt Romney's "ocean of filth" plays well with conservative lifeguards but is kind of creepy and weird to just about everyone else. [Hot Air]

* dELiA*s is forced to change the name of the Palestinian shroud they are selling ($16.50) from "Peace Scarf'" to "Euro Scarf" because if there's not going to be peace, then who needs accuracy. [LGF]

* We are beleaguered by the sad state of the world and so we look with envy on those who can so safely insulate themselves in a reality entirely of their own creation. Props, bros.[RedState]


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