Minutemen Founder Corrupt, Dreams of Hundreds of Racists Shattered

Remember the Minutemen? The crazy old white people who piled into pickup trucks and rode down the border to not shoot illegal immigrants but maybe scare them a little? They're having a little financial trouble. Which is odd, considering how well xenophobia usually pays.

Simcox has been under fire from MCDC chapter leaders and rank-and-file members since last summer, when he began refusing to account for the $1.6 million to $1.8 million in private donations he said MCDC had raised by the end of May 2006. That sum included $600,000 for the "Minuteman Border Fence," which Simcox touted in a slick fundraising materials as a high-tech "Israeli-style" barrier, but which turned out to be little more than a barbed-wire cattle fence.

Simcox has now fired 14 Minutemen state chapter heads. They claim they were let go after demanding to meet with Simcox to discus where the money went. Simcox claims they were all secret Mexicans, like Bill Richardson.

House of Cards [SPCL via ThinkProgress]


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