Miracle On 9 Mile

  • Here's the scoop on that Capitol-area shooting yesterday: the driver of a white Mercedes was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and cold went nuts, driving insanely, and also he had a handgun, according to police, who shot him. [New York Times]
  • Foreclosures are still rising in many parts of the nation. Green shoots! [Washington Post]
  • Weeks of talks in California have yielded little progress toward resolving the state's scary budget impasse. Can we just sell it back to Spain or Mexico or the Indians or somebody? [Reuters]
  • A gigantic gasoline tanker rolled over and ESPLODED outside Detroit last night, but amazingly, "only one person suffered bruises in the massive explosion of more than 14,000 gallons of fuel." [Detroit Free Press]
  • Republicans failed to make Sonia Sotomayor cry like a girl in yesterday's confirmation hearings even though they asked her about scary things like guns and abortion. [New York Times]
  • Get psyched for religious propaganda wars in Afghanistan. [Wall Street Journal]

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