Misogynist Neck-Beard Ross Douthat Has Learned To Stop Sharing His Sex Stories

Misogynist Neck-Beard Ross Douthat Has Learned To Stop Sharing His Sex Stories

Young Master Ross Douthat, theNew York Times op-ed page's resident Catholic hobbit, has a new book out titled Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, about how screwed we are because of... Jesus... ??... anyway, it is some book. It might even be his best book since the one he wrote about how he couldn't get it up at Harvard and blamed this on his would-be sex partner. The post that your Wonkette wrote about this still haunts Douthat in interviews -- just as it did three years ago, when greatest journalist of all time Brian Lamb (RIP Lamby!) asked him about it. What does he have to say for those of us who thought his gross story about not having boners and shaming ladies on the pill was kinda mean/funny/unnecessary? He agrees!

In a hot new New York magazine Ross Douthat interview/story, Ross admits that he's toned down his own oversharing so that dumb blogs won't make fun of him anymore:

Douthat was baptized a liberal New Haven Episcopalian, but when medicine failed his mother’s baffling allergies, the family tried macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and tongues-­speaking Pentecostalism (“A very primal experience”), before finding their calling as devout Catholics. But over a vegetarian lunch at a Middle Eastern joint (he’s given up meat for Lent), Douthat explains why he left his own story out of Bad Religion. Partly, he thinks too much of his life was in his first book, Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class. (One awkward make-out scene led to a Wonkette story headlined MISOGYNIST NECK-BEARD ROSS DOUTHAT SHARES HIS SEXY STORIES.) “Some of these arguments,” he says with the slightest roll of the eyes, “benefit from being depersonalized a little.”

Meh, now it just sounds boring.

At least we know he's a Muslim.

[NY Mag]


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