Mission Accomplished 2: The Empire Strikes Back

* Fourth anniversary of the wrap party on the Iraq war and President Bush opens some lovely "artificial timetables," and blows out candles on Democrats' funding legislation. [WP, NYT]

* CIA launches misinformation/viral marketing campaign for/against George Tenet. [WP]

* Senate plans overhaul of drug agency operations - no, not that drug agency. [WP, NYT]

* The World Bank's Global War On Paul (GWOP) meets with an unexpectedly strong insurgency. [NYT]

* Mike Bloomberg is the second coming of Ross Perot. [WSJ]

* Virginia state legislature begs Administration to allow oil spills in coastal waters just to keep those damn spring breakers out. [NYT]

* Student loan industry mafia is the closest you're ever getting to the Sopranos. [WP]


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