Mission Accomplished! Iraq No Longer World's Shittiest Place To Live

Gee, I wish I were in Iraq!

Freedom-hating libtards have spent the last four years whining that the U.S. invasion has transformed Iraq from a repressive dictatorship where you could get killed by Saddam's thugs for speaking out against the regime into a terrifying anarchic clusterfuck where you can and probably will get killed by suicidal religious maniacs, death squads, corrupt local police, or American soldiers for no reason at all. But today, those naysayers were definitively rebuked by Minority Rights Group International, whose report for 2007 says that Iraq is only the second-worst place in the world for minority groups.

That's right, hippies! The real worst place for minorities is Somalia, a country we haven't invaded in years (bombing doesn't count). Afghanistan, liberated from Taliban tyranny, is all the way down at number four.

It should be noted that the Minority Rights Group International's list of threatened groups within Iraq includes "Shia, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkomans, Christians; smaller minorities," which is pretty much everyone there. That's putting them in a strong position to take the top spot in 2008!

State of the World's Minorities 2007 (file is an enormous PDF)


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